Woodland Gate History

The table below provides a timeline to the events that have occurred in regards to the landscaping and play park issue for woodland gate (Beech Crescent, Birch Place, Cypress Wynd, Chestnut Way) for the remainder of this page Drumsagard Village Residents Association will be known as DVRA.

Year Information
2001 Wilson Homes completed - no residents committee or factor was points as per deeds specifically for the maintenance of common parts. (Please note DVRA was not appointed as committee authorised to make any decisions in matters relating to Woodland Gate's common parts) 
2015 A local resident had been maintaining the play park by themselves until this point.
  DVRA setup a Beech Birch Chestnut and Cypress Landscaping Facebook group.
  DVRA sent leaflet regarding an online survey and joining the Facebook group - Poor response.
  DVRA requested quotations from several factors.
  DVRA sent an initial letter asking residents to agree to a Hacking and Paterson Proposal.
  DVRA arranged a one-day clearance of park to raise awareness.
2016 DVRA sent a supplementary letter again asking for a response to the survey - Total of respondents now at 35 with 74% in favour of a factor
  DVRA received quotations from South Lanarkshire Council for annual maintenance and adoption
  DVRA shared all information on quotations from Greenbelt / Hacking and Paterson and South Lanarkshire Council via Facebook Group
  Facebook poll on preferred option of Greenbelt / Hacking and Paterson / South Lanarkshire Council Annual / South Lanarkshire Council Adoption - South Lanarkshire Council won with 15 votes.
  DVRA stepped back to allow residents to proceed with this option.
2017 No Maintenance organised.
  DVRA contacted again to try to resolve at the start of August.
  DVRA called for volunteers to meet at Particip8 Community Hub
  A decision was made to go door to door to speak to the remaining residents that had not responded to the survey or were new to the area if they would like to appoint Hacking and Paterson as their factor.
  A majority of over 56% of households were happy to appoint Hacking and Paterson as the factor.
  DVRA contacted Hacking and Paterson to find out how to proceed.
  Interest has now grown, DVRA recommended it would be in the best interest of the residents to discuss their options further with the hope of appointing a Woodland Gate Residents Committee who would have the power to order and make the final and conclusive decision as per 71 households deeds of condition.
  A public meeting has been arranged for the 23rd of August 2017