DVRA Minutes 15/04/2014

PRESENT   J Walker   J Parkhill  J Weldon  C Welsh  D Gillies S Mallan A Savage

APOLOGIES:  W McPadden Cllr Brogan                                                                                                                                                                                             

Minutes of Meeting on  2014

PROPOSED   C Welsh                 SECONDED     J Parkhill

1 Matters Arising

2 Feasibility Study-

Awards for All have been contacted and a submission will be made before the 9th of May 2014.

3 Draft Mission Statement-

Still in progress and David and John will meet to move this forward.

4 Dog Fouling Poster Competition –

The Reporter newspaper featured an article on the prize giving along with photographs of the day, the event was excellently organised.  Wonderful promotion of the DVRA.  Stuart has worked on how the posters will be converted into the correct format and style for posters and stickers for the litter pick event.  Badges are being looked at as to how the drawing would adapt to fit. The site has generated good interest in DVRA and the activities.  

Stuart has done a lot of work with the number of social media sites we are running.  Discussion around the need for the amount of sites which Stuart has to manage.  Lots of FB hits to the web and FB have occurred since the poster competition.

5 Hallside Farm Planning Pre-application

John attended the day.  Discussed community gain and highlighted the residents interests and resources which are relative to area with the site planner.  Jim also attended and spoke around roads traffic and access issues.  The site planner noted the input.  Councillor Brogan attended the event also. 

6 Litter Pick Day

Agreed that the litter pick would be on 26/4 10am-1230pm the BB will attend on the day numbers are unknown.  Jackie will request more picks.  Retailers will be approached re posters to promote the day.  Jackie will look at routes and purchase juice and prizes etc. litter pick email response will be created for gaining interest for the day.  Chris agreed to put up posters as before.

7 Police: Safer Rutherglen and Neighbourhood Watch.

No attendance at tonight's meeting although previously agreed to attend.

8 Councillors Report:

Councillor Brogan was not able to attend due to other commitments.

9 Treasurers Report:

Nothing spent on DRUMSAGARD VILLAGE £1219.63. 

Trust will pay for printing relative to Litter pick day  £143.91 and £189 for posters. Cheque due from Greenbelt for printing support for litter pick. £173.20 for audit costs.

10 AOCB: 

•Dog fouling posters have been put up by SLC, they will run patrols over a 2 week period then they will contact DVRA to update on progress.

•A Link has been put on as requested Stuart will link through website.

HCC Community Forum and website


•Cambuslang Summerfest fundraiser Sun Inn function suite Friday 25/4/14. Discussion around DVRA making a donation to the event.  It was agreed that a £50 donation would be made from DVRA.

Tickets £6 including buffet are available.

•DVRA will make a donation to Princess of Wales Trust of £50 in memory of Liz McPadden.  The committee recognised the commitment which Liz had given to supporting the work of the DVRA over the years which she had been involved.

•Contact via FB regarding fields trust.  Jackie replied to this question.  Sponsored links where discussed and the possibilities around this. Clarity around this would be sought Jackie will pursue this.

•Stuart has had questions around the play park near Elder Crescent and it's  condition including the H&S. It was agreed that residents would need to congregate and agree actions.  DVRA would support the residents on this but they need to be the lead on this issue.  Sub group involvement which would focus on this would be an ideal solution.  

•Chris contacted Jo Connor re Maple crescent and the entrance condition and what could be done to support the removal of hazardous items which the litter pick would not be able to clear.  

MOT signage present at retail park- Stuart contacted the SLC who referred him to Savilles the current factors who said they would remove it.  SLC have instructed DVRA to remove it if necessary.  SLC has contacted the garage to remove their signs previously but there have been issues over this.  


Previously held in early June, Jim will check with the bookings department regarding availability.  The committee agreed a Tuesday would be the most suitable for the event.  Media use and boards to promote the DVRA activities for year would be showcased.  The disabled access at the train station should be ready by this date and would be a good showcase for the AGM.  

Double page newsletter will be developed to highlight the DVRA work and used to promote the AGM.  The creation of subgroups to support the aims of the DVRA and it's residents would be the focus for next year.