minutes 19- 11 - 13

COMMITTEE MEETING 19th November 2013


PRESENT   J Walker   W McPadden  S Mallan  J Parkhill  J Weldon  N Cambell  C Welsh


 APOLOGISE:  L Hampson  L Gerrard  S McLean  A Savage 

                          D Gillies   C Robertson   M Fallar                                                                                                                                                                      


Minutes of  Meeting  on  15th October   2013


PROPOSED   C Welsh                                SECONDED     S Mallen


1 New bins have been installed on either side of the Boulevard and at Elder Crescent.


2 Feasibility study, a decision will be made at the next committee meeting.


3 First Steps Training  based at Nuneaton ST IN Glasgow may be able to help with landscaping improvements.


4 Meeting for website updates will be arranged.


5 J Walker and J Weldon have been elected onto Halfway Community Council


6 PC Hartley is on holiday so there is no Police report.



7 Night out at the Parkville on Jan 11th