MEETING 15-04-08

           COMMITTEE MEETING 15 -04 -2008 

PRESENT : V Rooney  A Sheikh  J McGladrigan  J Carr  J Weldon  J Orr

                  A Bissett   J Caldwell  R Morrison  J Walker  W McPadden

                  W Mallen  J Parkhill  A Coyle  P McEwan

Apologies  C McNeillie  S Paterson          Guest


                                                  Proposed                     Seconded                                         CHAIRMAN      J Walker                 J Parkhill                   W McPadden

VICE CHAIR     W Mallen              R Morrison                  W McPadden

TREASURER    R Morrison          W McPadden                  W Mallen

SECRETARY   W McPadden               W Mallen                   J Orr


All of the above were voted into office by all of the committee and will serve for another year.

1. Dog fouling enforcement officers are patrolling the area.

2. Councillors have been invited to the next committee meeting.

3. Youth disorder at Walnut Gate and at the roundabouts. J Walker will invite the police Superintendent to the next meeting to discuss these issues.

4. The plants on the roundabouts are only cut once a year but need to be maintained more regular to help with road safety, this will be discussed with the Greenbelt Group.

5. The roads, pavements and street lighting in the Bett/Wilson development are now adopted. SLC roads department are now responsible for the maintenance of these areas.

6. It has been suggested to try and ask that all Give Way signs and road markings be changed to Stop Signs and road markings. This would help with road safety.

 The following information was given to the committee in response to questions raised at the public meeting.

1.Plans for the proposed facilities were agreed at the meeting of May 2004 and there was a public consultation held by the Willie Miller Partnership in Oct 2004. These findings were put to a public meeting on June 2005 and approved again. The committee where asked to proceed with the plans for the facilities.

2.The £180,000 is a grant and cannot be used for any other purpose other than to provide facilities.

3.The proposed facilities cannot be built on the regeneration park next to Village Rd as this is greenbelt land and  you could disturbed the contaminants in the building process.

4.The self build house is owned by White Rose Developments of Gibraltar and SLC cannot take any action unless the property is deemed to be unsafe.

Roads Not Adopted by SLC

Self Build, first Persimmon, Dundas, Walnut Gate, Bellway, Tulloch, Dawn, Acacia and the road into the retail area.

5.Bett / Wilson Roads pavements and street lighting has been adopted by SLC roads department. The residents have still to appoint a Factor.