MEETING 15 - 01 - 08

COMMITTEE MEETING 15 – 01 - 2008  

PRESENT    A Bisset              W Mallen                 R Morrison    

                   W Mc Padden     J  Parkhill                 J Walker

Guest Cllr W Brogan                                        

Apologies  J Weldon       Cllr P Cleary

Minutes of previous meeting 20 – 11 – 2007 

Proposed  R Morrison                            Seconded  W Mallen 

1.    Pride of place will be providing a new commemorative cairn for all those who worked in Hallside steelworks. It will be relocated to within the Park and Ride.

2.    Park and Ride: It will take about six months to introduce penalties for people who park illegally in Disabled parking bays or in the drop of and pick up bay.

3.    The CCTV for phase two of the park and ride will be installed by the end of February 2008.

4.    We have been asked to enquire who is responsible for the removal of litter and salting the roads and pavements at the retail area.

5.    It has been agreed by all of the committee to join Entrust at a cost of £100. This will enable us to apply for grants to help fund facilities within the development.

6.    It was agreed to inspect the paths within the Heritage Park.

7.    We have lodged a note of intent to the Banks Foundation that the Association will be applying for funding through there Landfill tax scheme.

8. Cllr W Brogan reported that there has been an official complaint made to the Environmental Agency and Police regarding the illegal dumping being carried out at Hallside Village. It was also reported that a sewerage pipe had been leaking in Elder Cres, it has now been repaired