MEETING 20/11/07

  D V R A Committee Meeting   20-11- 07 

Present: J Walker  R Morrison  W Mallen  W Mc Padden  J Weldon    


              J Parkhill.


Apologise                                                   Guests Cllr W Brogan

 Minutes of the previous Meeting on the 21- 09 - 07 Adopted 

Proposed       J Parkhill                           Seconded   J Weldon


1 J Walker introduced Cllr Walter Brogan to the committee and welcomed him to our meeting.


2 Pride of Place have agreed to replace the present monument in tribute to the steelworkers of Hallside with a more fitting tribute which will be situated in the area of the Park and Ride. This will happen early in 2008.


3 Park and Ride: We would like to thank SLC Land Maintenance for there hard work in bringing the landscape under control, they will now maintain this area on a more regular basis. It was also brought to the committee’s attention that people are parking in the drop off point and Disabled bays when they have no right to, Councillor Brogan will enquire what can be done to rectify this situation.


4 SLC Planning department has approved in principle our plans to improve facilities within Drumsagard and will try to minimise the cost of planning applications for us as a community group.


5 R Morrison has asked if it would be possible to try and locate one of the new facilities nearer his part of the development, as a few of the residents he represents are complaining about the lack of facilities at his area.


6 Our new website is now up and running log on   and tell us what you think.


7 HJ Banks have been asked to clarify what land they still own and what areas the Greenbelt Group own as there is still disputed areas within the development, as this is preventing all areas being maintained and also who is responsible for this maintenance. It has also been brought to our attention that some of the roundabouts are owned by two parties and others have not been passed on from the developer. This will take time to rectify.