Meeting 21st August 2007

Present: J Walker, W McPadden, R Morrison, J Parkhill, A Bisset

Minutes Approved: 19-June-07


Apologises: J Weldon

Proposed: R Morrison

Seconded: J Parkhill

1. A Bisset was introduced and welcomed onto the committee

2. W McPadden was asked to invite P S D to next committee meeting to discuss progress of facility imporvement.

3. We were to invite councillors to our next meeting to raise and discuss different issues concerning residents within the village.

4. J Parkhill informed the committee of the progress being made concerning the problem neighbourhood disorder within his area of Drumsagard.

5. R Morrison informed the committee of the increase of youth disorder at the Monument area of Drumsagard.

Chairperson: Mr J Walker

Secretary: Mr W McPadden