Why Drumsagard Village Neighbourhood Watch?

The Drumsagard Village Neighbourhood watch scheme was set up in 2014 in order to help address community concerns around crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour affecting the residents of Drumsagard Village.  The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme works alongside the Drumsagard Village Residents Association and liaises with community groups such as the local council, local authorities, police, councillors and politicians to help tackle local issues wherever they may arise.  The scheme acts to build a safer community through sharing of information and reporting incidents or concerns as and when they arise. In turn this allows the scheme co-ordinators to pass on the information to the relevant body to take further action.   In addition members will receive periodic updates, newsletters and important local information to stay informed of local issues and initiatives.  Whilst our members look out for each other and report any matters arising, members of the scheme do not act as a vigilante, patrol the street, attempt to apprehend or arrest offenders or act in any way that puts themselves or anyone else in danger.