What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is one of the biggest voluntary crime prevention initiatives. Sometimes known as Home Watch, it originated in the United States and in the early 1980s came to the UK where it quickly became very popular. Neighbourhood Watch ScotlandNeighbourhood Watch is based around the idea of an active community working in partnership with the police and a shared value focused on bringing local people together. At its most basic level, Neighbourhood Watch consists of a group of like-minded neighbours getting together to help reduce crime where they live and make their community safer. It is established country-wide, in urban and rural areas alike, as local neighbourhood schemes, and town, city and county associations; with representation at police force area, county, regional, and national levels.

Naturally we do all we can to protect our families, our homes and our personal property. We watch out for ourselves. But imagine how much more we could do if we all watched out for each other. If we joined together to protect our street, our homes and our possessions, we’d know there was always someone looking out for us. We could get to know each other and share tips, information and ideas to make this place the friendliest, safest place it could possibly be. Our neighbourhood. Our watch.