Drumsagard has three different types of landscaping which is maintained by different bodies. 

  1. The first one is play areas and open spaces which when the development was first built each builder appointed a Factor to oversee the maintenance and enforcement of the Deeds of conditions and is paid for by the residents of each different house development within Drumsagard.
  2. The second is certain roadside grass verges which are on Hallside Boulevard and Village Road which is maintained by SLC Land Services they are also responsible for emptying the waste bins and litter picking on Hallside Boulevard and Village Road.
  3. The third and the biggest is the responsibility of the Greenbelt Group. The areas they cover are as follows, The Woodland Area along Village Road on both sides, all the Roundabouts, some of the areas of shrubs on Hallside Boulevard and the Drumsagard Castle site next to Elder Crescent as well as the amenity strips which divide some of the housing developments within Drumsagard. Please bear in mind if you pay Greenbelt as your factor these specific areas are not covered in your factors fees, these are paid from the interest generated from a bond set up by H J Banks when the development was first created so the amount of work carried out by Greenbelt in these area is constrained to the amount of revenue generated by this bond.

The google map below indicates the areas each body is responsible for,

Landscaping Map

We as an Association have worked hard over the years with all the different bodies involved to improve the standard of landscaping within the development and although we have been successful at times it is always an on-going issue. We have seen an improvement over the years and continue to get improvements through building up and improving relationships with the different parties involved.