How Does Neighbourhood Watch Work?

Neighbourhood Watch has traditionally worked by setting up local groups of neighbours with common shared aims, who are encouraged to become members of a ‘scheme’. These NHW schemes are run by their members who take steps to prevent crime, improve safety and reduce the fear of crime. Neighbourhood Watch schemes can vary in size; they can be large, covering most of the houses on an estate or a whole village, or they may just involve just a few houses.

The Drumsagard Village scheme is a community initiative, supported by the police but not run by them. The scheme is led by a resident volunteer coordinator, who takes on the responsibility of getting people to work together. The coordinator also liaises with the police and acts as a voice for the community. The vital communication link with the police and local authorities helps to motivate members and keep the scheme active.  

The NHW scheme is a valuable tool for the community and can assist residents in many ways.  It can be used to pass on valuable links, to share best practice, for attracting and sharing resources and will provide a strong voice when further action is necessary to solve a local problem.