MINUTES 18 - 11 - 08

COMMITTEE MEETING 18 – 11 – 2008 

PRESENT J Walker  J Weldon  A Bisset  J Parkhill  W Mc Padden


APOLIGES V Rooney                                           GUESTS  Cllr R Tullet


PROPOSED A Bisset                                               ADOPTED J Weldon


  1. Flooding at Magnolia Terrace, a new and larger grate will be fitted by SLC to the culvert.
  2. Check DVRA Bank Account to see if Xmas Party grant from SLC has been deposited.
  3. The 268 bus service now runs between Newton, Drumsagard, Cambuslang and Glasgow city centre.
  4. Cllr R Tullet has a meeting arranged with a Mr J Cameron about the access to Newton Station.