The Residents Association has been asked by the Greenbelt Co to carry out a survey of the residents who’s property are on the boundary of the amenity strips throughout the development. The residents are being asked if they would like the Willow in these areas cut back, only if the majority in each area are in favour would the Greenbelt Co carry out this work. There is no guarantee that all the areas that agree would be done in the one season; they may be cut back on a rotational basis because of the cost involved. A representative of the D V R A will be calling on the residents affected and the findings will be passed onto the Greenbelt Co and they will decide when and which areas will be done. The D V R A would like to thank the Greenbelt Co for there co-operation in this matter and also inform the residents that this work is being carried out at the Greenbelt Co expense. The D V R A hope that the residents appreciate the efforts both parties are making to improve the development for the benefit of all.