DVRA Minutes 17/02/2015

Drumsagard Village Residents Association


Minutes of the meeting held on


Tuesday 17th February at 7pm in the Archway Centre, Halfway



Present: Jim Walker, Nicola Campbell, Chris Welsh, John Parkhill, Stuart Mallan, Jackie Weldon

Stephen Jackson, Louise Hampson, Eileen Kerr and Councillor Walter Brogan.


Guest: Frank Conway-Manor Way Neighbourhood Watch


Apologies: None


Neighbourhood Watch: Frank Conway gave a detailed of the neighbourhood watch scheme in his area, which has been running since 1997. The scheme covers 473 homes and has 26 co-ordinators covering various areas.

Since the start where the area had a fairly high crime rate it is now very low and residents feel much safer.

As the area is split into small sections it reduces the need for meetings however an AGM is held annually to include Police, Fire, SLC Community Safety Officers and local Councillors.

Frank gave details of funding opportunities to new NW Schemes and also outlined the support available from Police, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and the Safer Rutherglen Project.

The chair thanked Frank Conway for his report and for giving up his time to be here.


Minutes: It was noted that Louise Hampson’s name had been omitted from those in attendance.

Minutes of the previous meeting as amended, were accepted as a record.

                            Moved by John Parkhill    seconded by Chris Welch


Councillors Report: Councillor Brogan reported that the Linked Via Light project at the Westburn Viaduct

is to have a Switch On Ceremony on Wednesday 11th March at 7.30pm. The event will be held on the Carmyle side of the bridge with some events on the Westburn side.

The Particip8 Easter Event will be held on the 1pm to 4pm on 4th April at Park View School, Halfway; details to follow.

A decision SLC budget cuts is imminent and it is likely that the Secondary School Bus Services will be removed to save the Council £400-£500K per year.

Stuart raised the issue of lorries/vans parking at the shopping area overnight and early mornings with engines running. Councillor Brogan stated that this is not a private road but recommended that the Factoring Agents be contacted for assistance.

Chair thanked Councillor Brogan for his report and reminded members that a petition against the School Bus cuts is running and there is a link on our Drumsagard Facebook Page.


Mission Statement: Drumsagard Village Residents' Association exists for the sole

purpose of looking after the area of Drumsagard and the interests of all residents living there.


Committee Organisation - Stuart suggested various groups and asked for volunteers to cover each project.

Action: Stuart will circulate the groups and responsibilities ahead of our next meeting.


Neighbourhood Watch: After lengthy discussion it was agreed that we run a pilot scheme in the

Laburnum Avenue area to assess the amount of interest. We will create a Neighbourhood Watch

flyer for distribution.

Action: Jim Walker Jackie Weldon


Treasurers Report: Jackie reported that the balance in the DVRA account stands at £749.63


 The committee approved an invoice of £15 for flowers.





Committee Membership

It was proposed that we remove the names of members who have not attended or contacted the DVRA in the last 3 months.



Parking at School Times

The committee discussed parking issues in and around local primary schools and also parking problems on the Hallside Boulevard at these times.

Police have circulated a request to parents to avoid using their cars when possible, or to park in an area that is safe.

These issues will be raised at the Community Council.

Action: Jim Walker



The committee discussed the damage done to grass verges by PMK Ltd. during the recent pipe laying work on the Boulevard recently and deemed it unacceptable.

It was agreed that we contact the contractors and ask that they re-turf the areas in question.

Action: Jim Walker


Next meeting


7pm on Tuesday 17th March 2015 in the Archway Centre



Chair –Stuart Mallan         Secretary - Jim Walker,