DVRA Minutes 20/01/2015

Drumsagard Village Residents Association

Minutes of the meeting held on


Tuesday 20th January at 7pm in the Archway Centre, Halfway


Present: Jim Walker, Nicola Campbell, Chris Welsh, John Parkhill, Stuart Mallan, Jackie Weldon

Stephen Jackson and Councillor Walter Brogan.


Apologies: None


Resignations: William McPadden, Lesley Gerrard.

John Parkhill gave notice of his intention to resign in the near future but would remain on the committee meantime.


William McPadden had been secretary of the DVRA since the inaugural meeting in June 2001

and has worked tirelessly throughout that time on behalf of Drumsagard residents. William

will be sorely missed but we wish him well in the future.


Election of Office Bearers:                      Chair – Stuart Mallan

                                                           Vice-Chair – Nicola Campbell

                                                           Treasurer -- Jackie Weldon

                                                            Secretary – Jim Walker


Councillors Report: Councillor Brogan gave a report of the austerity measures currently being

discussed in council and how they would likely affect Drumsagard. School bus services being the

main issue and while it looks likely that Primary School busses will remain it’s possible that

Secondary School travel will be affected.

Walter intimated that discussions were underway to secure premises in the Halfway Precinct, for

use by local groups. It is hoped that a community transport hub can be set up to make use

of 3 vehicles available for community use, if we can get volunteers to run it.

Chair thanked Councillor Brogan for his report.



Mission Statement – Stephen suggested that we have a clear mission statement to make it clear

to residents what we do and why we exist. It was agreed that members consider this request and

come up with suggestions which can be highlighted on our website and Facebook account.

Actions: All members


Committee Organisation - Stuart suggested that we consider the most important issues affecting

our area and then create sub-committees for each. This would help us focus on important issues,

and spread the workload amongst the committee. Members agreed to submit suggestions prior to

our next meeting.

Action: All members


Neighbourhood Watch – Chair gave a report of housebreaking incidents that had taken place

over recent months. On this occasion police had dealt with the matter quickly and a man has been

taken into custody. The committee discussed the possibility of setting up a network of Neighbourhood

Watch Schemes throughout Drumsagard to combat criminal activity.

Actions: Stuart to map out areas

                Jim to invite guests from Safer Rutherglen and/or members from an existing

                Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Also send out Safer Rutherglen link to members.


Discarded Road Signs – Chris stated that some signs had been discarded after the recent

pipe laying work by PMK Ltd. Action: Jim Walker


                                          Next meeting


 7pm on Tuesday 17th February 2015 in the Archway Centre



Chair –Stuart Mallan         Secretary - Jim Walker,