DVRA Minutes 18/02/2014



PRESENT  J Walker   L Hampson   A Savage    L Gerrard    W McPadden

                 J Parkhill    J Weldon


 APOLOGIES:  D Gillies   N Cambell   C Welsh 


GUEST: Cllr W Brogan


Minutes of Meeting on 18th February 2014


PROPOSED   J Weldon                              SECONDED     J Parkhill


1. J Walker and A Savage will look at applications to Awards For All and The Postcode Lottery for funding our feasibility study in relation to the regeneration woodland.

2 .The cost of cutting back the bushes on the roundabouts costs the Greenbelt Group £850 every time this work is carried out by the contractor.

3. The Greenbelt Group has intimated that they would like to help with the poster competition we are going to run.

4. David Gillies has sent along a draft mission statement for the DVRA committee to give their opinion on at the next committee meeting.

5. Cllr W Brogan report, the catchment areas have been decided but any parent wishing their child to attend a specific school can always apply for a placement. There has to be 13.5 million pounds of cuts in the next financial year, but frontline services will not be affected. A builder has applied for planning consent for an area of land within Hallside. There will be a fun day being held on the 20th April at the North Halfway Hall all are welcome. Queens Baton for the commonwealth Games will be in Rutherglen, Main St on the 22nd June. The bridge between Carmyle and Westburn will re-open in the summer. Seven a Side Pitch is needed within our area and it is hoped that one could be built as there is a meeting between B McKenna, V Sinclair and G Cambell to discuss this issue.

6. Community council are holding a meeting In Parkview school to discuss the issue of better facilities for Cambuslang East.

7. Treasures Report the only expense this month was for Bank charges.