DVRA Minutes 18/03/2014



PRESENT   J Walker   J Parkhill  J Weldon  C Welsh  D Gillies N Gammie 

                    A Savage  Cllr W Brogan.


 APOLOGIES:  S Mallan, W McPadden 


GUEST: Lynn Pike Hallside PTA


Minutes of Meeting on 18th February 2014


PROPOSED   J Weldon                              SECONDED     J Parkhill


1 Amanda Savage agreed to cover W McPadden post of secretary until his return.


2 Feasibility Study- the feasibility funding requires Jim Walker to meet with Amanda Savage to discuss the Trust agenda and aims for the feasibility study. Mandy will meet Jim in relation to this and bring this back to the meeting.  


3 Mission Statement- David Gillies highlighted the importance of including the original aims of the organisation.  Discussion was held around the info sheet previously emailed to the group. 

Prominence of the dog fouling competition poster and other examples of what difference does this group make should be highlighted. What are our values and how do we include these in the mission statement examples. What do we deliver on our website.  The poster competition has increased the hits to the website. We aim to keep the mission statement informal and welcoming. David will complete this so it's available for the AGM


4 Roundabouts - DVRA continue to work with organisations to move forward with this.


5 Dog Fouling Poster Competition - The competition generated 289 entries. After many hours of discussion and debate the committee volunteer judges chose 3 winners and 6 runners up in 3 categories, which will be announced at the school.

Green belt will pay £273 towards costs of printing and costs. DVRA will fund the prizes.


Stuart will create the logo additions for the finished poster including Greenbelt, DVRA and a number for reporting the dog fouling.  

The Glasgow Warriors will hopefully attend along with Duncan Weir as he had attended Hallside as a child and it would be great to have him present on the day. 




Litter pick organisation would allow this to be done jointly with DVRA and the school.  Land services will support additional rubbish Joe Connor's number is   07795 090945. 


John Parkhill asked that the responsibility for cleaning up dog fouling be raised formally.  Alison the environment wardens number 01698 454098 is the direct line for dog fouling fines etc. information is encouraged through her.  


6 Cllr. Walter Brogan - A presentation from guide dog trust raised a question around dog fouling.  Dogs are trained to do toilet before they walk.  Dog licensing raised as a possible control around dog fouling.  Council website has form online which is relatively easy to access.  


P7 seven aside football - Walter emailed every primary school highlighting the facilities at Fernhill and that transport was available etc.; no one responded. This was emailed over a month ago.  Would be good to put this type of information on the website.  Walter highlighted that if this type of facility is not used or accessed then the communities would loss this opportunity.  Lynn Pike PTA Hallside said she would highlight this to the PTA.  

Mill Road housing is almost completed and will bring good aesthetics to the area.  


Halfway - Glen Street is an eyesore and planning permission for improving this area with Funeral Parlour to SLC was refused even though Halfway Community Council backed it.  This would create 10 jobs locally.


7 Train station - Jim Walker spoke to station staff who informed him that the stairs to the Newton Station Road exit under the bridge were to be closed off. Councillor Brogan has investigated this and confirmed that there were no plans to close the exits, however the platforms and exit paths were being resurfaced and the Ticket Office is being resurfaced. Provision has been made for a future access/exit at the end of the platform to the car park when funding becomes available. 


8 Treasurers report-


See attached treasurers report.


9 Greenbelt- William McPadden has said Greenbelt unable to forward any savings re Pay back team who carried out work, which was there responsibility.  An additional list of the work they will carry out in area is with Jim Walker. 

Overhanging branches out with council areas are owner’s responsibility.  Village Road residents told to cut back overhanging branches, as they are responsible.  Chris Welsh reported problems caused by overhanging branches on pavements in Maple Crescent. Councillor Brogan to investigate.



10 Hallside Farm- pre application for a proposed residential development for houses consultation by Bellway Homes on Wed. 26th April 2014 @ 11-7pm in Flemington Hallside Parish Church Hall, Hutchison Place. Halfway. Drop in available anytime re this consultation.

The Community gain in relation to this project was raised and there was a discussion around the community benefit from this development.  

The roundabout at Elder Crescent will be raised in discussion with the developers at the consultation.  


11 Community Council Report- A Community Forum is planned for 31st May to give local people the chance to air their views hopes and aspirations for the area. Hopefully publicity for this event could be tied into DVRA AGM for maximum attendance. 

Some areas are experiencing high levels of Anti Social Behaviour currently.


The Safer Rutherglen alert scheme website ties in local emergency services, local authority, neighbourhood watches etc. to tackle issues. Possibility of a neighbourhood watch type link for the DVRA website was discussed; the scheme is currently being piloted in Burnside. Potential is amazing; Cllr. Brogan has met with borders council in relation to this.  SLC want to link this to their website in order to increase the information exchange with the public, including closed roads, weather reports, etc.  

We will consider the setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch System for Drumsagard at future meetings. Jim Walker will invite PC Richard Samson along to the next meeting to discuss replicating a similar idea as the Rutherglen Alert within Drumsagard.  


12 AOCB-

Next litter pick day is Saturday 26th April 2014 from 10am to 12.30pm.


Jim Walker will contact land service for litter pick sticks and bags. Jackie Weldon will contact Keep Scotland Tidy for bibs etc. Fruit and water will be purchased for the day, Jackie Weldon.

Posters will put out and Chris will organise a banner for the day.  Jackie will get the logo and info for banner to Chris Welsh.