DVRA MINUTES 21-01-2014



PRESENT   J Walker   W McPadden  J Parkhill  J Weldon  N Cambell  C Welsh  D Gillies

                    A Savage  L Gerrard   L Hampson  M Faller


 APOLOGISE:  S Mallan, N Gammy


Guest Joe           From  Healthy n Happy


Minutes of  Meeting  on  19th November 2013


PROPOSED   J Weldon                              SECONDED     J Parkhill


1       Healthy n Happy, Community Development Trust, part funded by the Robert  Rowentree Foundation and will be working in the community for 1year although the study will last 3 years. They have six staff they will work within the area of north Halfway but will also try to involve the surrounding area, there study covers education, health, poverty and social capita they will survey the youth of the area to find out how they feel and how they think how things can improve. One of the ways they will investigate will be through photography this will give them the view from the young people who will be taking the photographs over a ten week period and adults over a three week period. The youth will come up with ways to improve their area and lives and will receive grants to run projects for them and by them. They will be supported for two years when the results of the project should be known.

2       Stuart McLean has resigned from the committee due to work commitments.

3       The feasibility study will be discussed at the next meeting to give the committee more time,

4       The communications meeting was helpful and will help improve the website and Facebook for the benefit of the community. David has agreed to do a mission statement for the DVRA.

5       FSFT have not replied with a quote for landscaping work to the roundabouts, despite being contacted by J Walker. The meeting with Greenbelt and SLC about the roundabouts was a small step forward the Greenbelt need us to put forward a case of costs and savings before they can consider work on the roundabouts, SLC Roads department said they would cancel all costs for permits and also help with advice for road management when work is being carried out. We are hopeful that we can find a way of carrying out this project.

6       There was a meeting held in J Walkers house with a couple of residents and the Police about drugs being used in an area of the development. The police said they would investigate and we are still waiting to hear from both parties. We can only presume that this is no longer an issue.

7       Thanks to Jackie Weldon for organising the committee night out everyone who attended had a great time.

8       Dog Fouling Competition will have three age groups and each winner of the age group will receive a prize and also have their poster published.  Hallside Primary School pupils will take part in the competition , all entries must be  submitted by the 28th Feb 2014.

9       An Agenda will be distributed to the committee before the monthly meeting.


Next Meeting  18th February 2014  PRINT YOUR OWN MINUTES