DVRA Meeting 15th Oct 2013

Present:   J Walker, J Weldon, J Parkhill, N Campbell, A Savage, S Mallan, L Hampson, S McLean and C Welsh.

Guests:   Cllr W Brogan, David Duffy and Tony Slaven of SLC Environmental Services.

Apologies: W. McPadden, L Gerrard and D. Gillies.                                                                                                                                                                       

Dog Wardens: David Duffy and Tony Slaven gave a comprehensive description of the work they do in relation to dog fouling and the enforcement processes available to them. When the full complement is reached there will be 5 Technical Assistants (dog wardens) available to patrol at trouble spots on request. In a recent move SLC have joined a Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign named Clean Up Scotland to co-ordinate with other agencies to keep our country clean.

A new initiative will include warning notices being put up in problem areas telling people what to do if there is a dog fouling issue in their area and offering the chance to report offenders and providing a phone number. Should the problem persist after a reasonable time, notices advising that enforcement officers will be taking action in that area will be posted? The committee thanked David and Tony for their attendance and agreed that we should keep in touch.

Minutes of Meeting on 17th September 2013 were read and noted.

Matters Arising:

Dog Fouling – Following a meeting with Ian McCaig of Land Services the number of Dog Litter bins is to be increased. At present there are 2 freestanding and 1 pole mounted bins available. After discussion it was agreed that the 2 freestanding bins be sited at the main school bus stops on Hallside Boulevard and the pole mounted bin and the existing bin at the school bus stop be sited at the entrances to the Castle Site.

PTA Meeting – It was agreed that we send a delegate to the Hallside PTA Meeting.

We are also suggesting a Dog Fouling Sticker and Badge Design Competition for the children with suitable prizes and badges for all. The committee gave a vote of thanks to Jackie Weldon on securing a grant of £500 from the BT Community Fund and it was agreed that we use some of this cash to supply prizes and badges.

Hallside Regeneration Woodland Paths - We have a quote for a Feasibility Study from EADHA Enterprises for a comprehensive consultation programme at a cost of £10,500 including VAT.

We have submitted an Expression of Interest to the Climate Change Fund for a grant to cover that cost.

A request for a further quote has been sent to Willie Miller Urban Design and we await their response.

Landscaping – William has now received a letter confirming that the Schedule of Works setting out the Developments landscaping requirements is now available.

William will view these at Council Offices and report back at our next meeting.

Roundabouts – Jim Walker gave a report of the correspondence string to and from those involved in the roundabout issue. Following threatened enforcement action the Greenbelt Group agreed to cut the roundabouts and after our intervention also agreed to reduce the councils stipulation of 0.9 metres to our request for 0.6 metres or less. A letter of thanks was sent to the Greenbelt Group for the work done with a note to say that come the Spring the problem would return and a more permanent solution should be agreed.

The response from SLC still maintains that they have no responsibility in this area but have agreed to set up a meeting to include the Greenbelt Group and our committee. We have proposed a long-term solution to address cost concerns where one roundabout is cleared each year; we still await a response.

After discussion the committee agreed that only complete removal of all shrubbery from the roundabouts would solve this very serious problem, however we should take part in any discussions taking place.

Website and Communications – Stuarts exams are over and we will now proceed with the new website and social network links. The committee members were invited to submit items for inclusion.

Emails have been received from 2 residents regards the social networking and offering assistance.    Action: Nicola to reply.

The committee discussed the possibility of setting up a Community Alert Scheme within the website following 2 separate incidents involving house burglaries. Members raised other thefts and incidents and it was agreed that we give it a try.

The committee considered a draft of a newsletter entitled “Drumsagard News” to advertise the new website, highlight our part in the roundabout problem and give updates on the recent thefts, burglaries and other incidents in Drumsagard.

Though there were some reservations it was agreed that we give it a trial run.

Councillors Report:

Walter reported that Aldi Supermarket has submitted a liquor licence application for they’re soon to be built shop on Hamilton Road. The Gulf Petrol Station on Hamilton Road has also submitted a liquor licence application.

A 3-year lease has been agreed with SLC to secure the future of the Archway Centre.

Discussions are underway to secure the continuance of the Welfare football pitch just off Mill Road. Discussions are also on going to allow Portakabin Dressing Rooms to be sited within Halfway Bowling Club grounds. This will help local boys and girls’ football teams.

Halfway Christmas Lights will be switched on at 4.30pm on Saturday 30th November, all welcome to attend.

On the dog fouling issue Walter stated that Land Services would pick up dog litter on request in problem areas.

Walter informed the committee that major road works will close Hamilton Road from Hallside Boulevard to Blantyre Farm Road from 11th to 15th November 2013.

The 263  and 267 bus services will be rerouted via the Whirlies Roundabout, East Kilbride for the duration.

Halfway Community Council Elections for Division 2 will be held on Thursday 31st October from 8am to 8pm in Flemington Hallside Church. As Drumsagard is in Division 1 Drumsagard residents will not be required to vote; Jackie Weldon and Jim Walker have already been declared elected.


Senior Citizens Christmas Party  - This will be held on Saturday 7th December 2013 in Equi’s Restaurant. The committee were invited to donate small gifts as raffle prizes.

Normal practice had been that committee members attend but as we have a large committee this would not now be feasible, however it was agreed that we have a Committee night out after Christmas.

Payments – The following payments were agreed: - Archway Annual Rent - £100

                                                                               Companies House - £14

                                                                          Website Domain Fee  - £26.39

Next Committee Meeting is on Tuesday 19th November 2013                  JW